How to Promote Parental Self-Care

Parenting a child with a disability can be uniquely challenging, as it incorporates common childcare difficulties as well as a plethora of additional responsibilities, anxieties and rewards1 2. It can ask for some extra resilience, perseverance and resourcefulness. Research displays that when a child is born with a disability many parents, like yourself, feel completely […]

What language do (Autistic) Australian adults (on the autism spectrum) prefer?

Recent models of Language use and Disability At Posity, we strive to keep abreast of current issues which may impact the families that we support. The Posity team have regular clinical training sessions, led by a senior lecturer at Monash University. These discussions include current topics, evidence to support our interventions, and recent journal articles. […]

Find Your Ideal SDA home (What to Expect in 2022)

Providing the right support for you and your loved one has always been Posity’s highest priority. We want to ensure that everyone has the freedom to make choices that are best for them, which is especially important when choosing the right disability accommodation. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has introduced different types of disability […]

Telehealth & NDIS: Your Guide to Get Started

Today, gaining access to health-related services and information is no longer an obstacle. Thanks to the widespread use of Telehealth in Australia, you can now talk to a healthcare expert with just a phone call or video call away. In addition, virtual Telehealth doctors’ appointments or consultations are at your fingertips as long as telecommunication […]

The Role of Allied Health Assistants

Allied Health Assistants are playing an important role in growing and expanding the delivery of allied health services across Australia. However, many people don’t fully understand their place within the workforce and how they can help participants maximise their therapy plans and overall quality of life. This blog post is important for people already receiving […]

Planning And Coordinating Your Services With Posity

Therapist and client having therapy discussion

Honesty, respect, accountability, empathy and professionalism are a set quality that a health expert possesses. If you are concerned about how to make the best out of your NDIS plan, we have asked two health experts to share their insights on how to plan and coordinate your NDIS services. Here, Sally; the founder and clinical […]