Telehealth Services

Reach goals without leaving the home with virtual yet high-quality support and assessment.

Telehealth for NDIS Participants

The Telehealth service at Posity has gone well beyond accommodating the Covid-19 pandemic and gradually becoming the future of service delivery. With the widespread use of smart devices today, accessing our NDIS allied health therapy sessions is no longer a barrier with our Telehealth service. This virtual approach is rapidly becoming a preferred and essential approach among our NDIS participants to receive disability support virtually.

With an aim in mind to bring the ultimate convenience to all our NDIS participants from Bundoora and Blackburn of VIC and other states in Australia, Telehealth comes in handy for them to receive our high-quality services no matter where they are. Instead of driving a long distance to us for a face-to-face session, NDIS participants can connect with our therapy services with just a scheduled phone call or video call away. At Posity, rest assured that the quality of the treatment provided via Telehealth appointments is not affected whilst putting your needs first.

Benefits of Telehealth

Services That Are Provided Via Telehealth

The easy-to-navigate Telehealth service of Posity connects you or your loved ones with personalized allied health services from the comfort of your own home. Our team will help you arrange for an allied professional according to your scheduled appointment and NDIS plan. With a smart device at hand and a stable internet connection, NDIS participants are able to access the following Posity’s allied health services and support via Telehealth.

Occupational Therapy

Through Telehealth, you can access Posity’s flexible Occupational Therapy and get remote support at any time that best suits you, as below:

  • Remote functional & sensory assessments
  • Equipment prescription & trials
  • Accommodation modification & builder visits
  • Discuss individual needs for capacity building

Speech Therapy

There is no need to meet in person with your speech therapist and receive support from our Speech Therapy or Pathology sub-services as below:

  • Communication assessments
  • Speech & language assessments
  • Social skills & communication training

Paediatric Therapy

Telehealth helps you in connecting with an Occupational Therapist or Speech Therapist who is experienced with children in need of allied health support as below:

  • Occupational Therapy for children
  • Speech Therapy for children

Accessing the NDIS Approved Telehealth Services

In general, Posity’s allied health therapy via Telehealth is conducted with the help of telecommunication technologies such as phones, tablets, laptops or desktops without affecting the quality of the said sessions.

Our allied health professionals and experts will help you through video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Google Meet and Coviu whilst putting your comfort, convenience and safety first. Other than that, if you prefer having your therapy session over the phone, let us know, and our therapist shall connect with you via our secured healthcare system phone call, Halaxy.

The friendly and patient support workers at Posity will guide you or your loved ones alongside simple step-by-step instructions in accessing care virtually and remotely via Telehealth. Rest assured that all of your appointments with us are kept confidential. Moreover, it is best to undergo a Telehealth session in a quiet room for privacy. Should you have any issues accessing Telehealth, simply ask our therapist, and they shall assist you along your transition journey.

FAQs on Telehealth

All NDIS participants are eligible for our Telehealth service. If you are an existing participant at Posity and wish to access your service in your NDIS plan via Telehealth, simply let us know about your desire to have your next appointment undergo via Telehealth.

If you are currently our client, simply talk to us and we shall have a discussion with your therapist upon your telehealth appointments or transitioning your therapy sessions. However, if you are new to NDIS and Posity, get in touch with us through our contact form. We look forward to helping you set your NDIS goals and make the best out of your NDIS plan!

Payment can be done via Debit/Credit card, or NDIS funding (Agency Managed, Plan Managed and Self-Managed).

Yes, you can have a combination of ways to receive our allied health therapeutic care and support as long as they are convenient for you. Access the NDIS services you need through:

  • Face-to-face or in-person sessions only
  • Telehealth or virtual sessions only
  • A mix of both types of sessions

Rest assured that similar to a Face-to-Face therapy session while you visit us, all online therapy sessions remain private and confidential. Posity takes further precautions too in ensuring that all shared information over the internet is safe.