Adult OT Assessments and Services

Table of Contents

Types of Occupational Therapy Services:

  • Adult Occupational Therapy services
  • NDIS End of Plan Review Report
  • NDIS Assessment / NDIS End-of-Plan Occupational Therapy Reports
  • Ongoing intervention for adults
  • Functional Capacity Assessments for adults
  • SIL Assessment and Home & Living Assessments,
  • Assistive Technology (AT) Letters and Assistive Technology AssessmentsHome Programs, Resource Making, OT Visual Schedules, etc
  • Occupational Therapy Assessments including Functional Assessments, Sensory Assessments, Handwriting and Typing Assessments, personalised Goal Setting using the COPM, Play Assessments, Fine and Gross Motor Assessments, Adaptive Behavioural Assessments, environmental assessments and more!Area of operation:
  • Face-to-face are Melbourne’s:
    • North
    • North East
    • North West
    • East
    • South East
  • Telehealth (Video Consultation): Australia wide
  • Occupational Therapy services in Bundoora
  • Occupational Therapy services in Blackburn
  • OT in Bundoora
  • OT in Blackburn
  • Occupational Therapist in Bundoora
  • Occupational Therapist in Blackburn

Occupational Therapy Clinic Locations:

Price List:

We follow the NDIS Price Guide for all services including NDIS, Medicare and Private clients. For instance:

  • 1 hr of Occupational Therapy: $193.99
  • 1 hr of Allied Health Assistant: $86.99
  • Travel time – charged per 30-min intervals.
  • Non-labour costs for travel will be charged at $1 per KM.

Cost per clinic visit is $226.32 per appointment which consists of 70 minutes of work: 10min preparation, 45 mins intervention and 15 mins session note writing. Travel time and non-labour cost will be added if community visits are booked.

Our adult OT services focus on independent living, Functional Capacity Assessments (FCA), Home and Living Assessments (SIL Assessments), lifestyle modifications, and capacity building therapeutic interventions.

Finding the right fit in accommodation is like finding the perfect beach on a sunny Aussie day – it makes all the difference. Posity offers a suite of disability accommodation options that cater to a diverse range of needs. From NDIS SIL Homes, to Short-term Accommodation and Medium-term options, we ensure that every individual finds a place that feels like home. Our shared accommodations and respite care services provide supportive environments that promote independence and community living.